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The Woodlands Shotokan Karate-Do


25222 Richards Rd, Spring, TX , 77386  (  Map  )                           Phone: (713) 545-2192         Espanol: (832) 381-7083

TWSK has been serving the North Houston area as the educational body for traditional Japanese Karate since 2002.     

We instruct men, women and children, 5 years of age and up, at all karate levels. At our dojo, you will have the opportunity to learn all the details of the physics, physiology, and mental attitudes necessary to be very effective in your self-protection. Karate will also improve one's physical condition, strength, and confidence. When followed properly, karate-do training transcends into your daily life and results in a more centered individual.

We strive to:TWSK New Dojo Banner480x640.JPG

  • Develop each student's character.
  • Bring out the best in every student
  • Impart the knowledge, values, and discipline of Shotokan Karate-Do to students of all ages.
  • Closely supervise and instruct classes that enhance the mental and physical condition of the individual.
  • Create a respectful environment conducive to a family atmosphere.

Dojo Motto (Dojo Kun)

  1. Seek perfection of character!
  2. Be faithful!
  3. Endeavor!
  4. Respect others!
  5. Refrain from violent behavior!

Karate Classes: Try class Free, just sign up using this  <Register Here> 

  • Children Class recieve free Gi(uniform) with first month

Mon and Wed                        

                           6:00-6:50  Young Children (5-7Yrs)   $85/Mo.

                           7:00-8:30 pm General Class (All Grades) $130/Mo


                           9:00-10:30 am Advanced (Included)

Membership costs and other information

Please come to visit us for a trial lesson, free of charge or obligation. You will be joining an elite group of people, several million, who train in Shotokan Karate International Federation around the world. TWSKarate Dojo is registered in Tokyo Japan and all Blackbelts are certified by the SKIF Japan Main Dojo.

Join us today!