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7:30-9:00pm Intermediate & Advanced
Black & Brown Belts
Intermediate & Advanced
Black & Brown Belts

How long will it take me to become reasonably proficient and how long will it take to attain black belt level?

The time it takes to become proficient varies upon the style and your own abilities. In most self-defense systems, you should feel that you could defend yourself fairly well after six months. To reach black belt, the same variables are in play, but somewhere between three and five years is about average.

How many classes per week should I attend?

Most instructors recommend two classes per week, plus some practice time in between classes. You should match your involvement with your fitness level.

Will there be other beginners in my class?

At this dojo, the students are grouped by age and rank. This means that you should be in a class with other beginners and lower ranks.

Will martial arts training make my child too aggressive?

At this dojo, children learn that the martial arts is not an act of violence, but the art of how to handle themselves in a problematic situation. Aggression should be channeled into assertiveness to increase a child's self esteem and build discipline and character.

Why do people bow when they go into a dojo?

The bow is a symbol of respect in Asian cultures and is just like a western handshake.

Is meditation part of some religion?

At this dojo, each class will begin with a period of silent meditation. The meditation is used to clear the mind of distractions and get ready to learn. It has no religious significance.

Is sparring necessary to learn martial arts?

Some martial arts such as Tai Chi or Aikido do not require sparring. Most other martial arts do. Since martial arts involves dealing with an opponent, it is necessary to practice in conditions similar to an actual confrontation. In this way, you learn about reactions, timing and speed.

What are the chances of getting injured?

The chances of getting injured are very small since the training is constantly supervised with safety in mind. The dojo equipment (mats, etc), and the protective gear required to be worn by students, reduce the chances of injury even further.

Should I take group or private lessons?

Private lessons will increase your progression two to three times faster than by taking group lessons alone. The personalized attention and energy of an instructor is a tremendous advantage. Group lessons are good because it allows you to see how different people react to situations and techniques. You also get to meet new people and friends. The best of both worlds is a combination of both group and private lessons.

Tuition Plans

Call for more information and explination. There are no contracts. Monthly Tution is due at the begining of the month

Fees are for 2 sessions per week (Mon/Wed) Plus Saturdays for advanced Belts with Sensei's premission

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