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These are the SKIF Certified Instructors for the Dojo:

Dennis Livotto

6th Dan black belt of Shotokan Karate International Federation (SKIF) has been a member for 30 years and has been graded by notable instructors as Kancho Kanazawa, Sensei Manabu Murakami, and Sensei Frank Nowak.

He began his karate in Australia and has represented Australia at senior level at the 2003 SKIF world championship and has since moved to the United States also representing the USA at the 2004 and 2007 Pan American and 2006 SKIF, World SKIF Championship in Tokyo, Japan.

Joe Formica

Dr. Joseph Formica (Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering) began his karate training at age 28 in August 1993 in Madison, Wisconsin under Sensei Glenn Stoddard (now Shichidan, SKIF) and Sensei Paul Manuel (now Rokudan, SKIF). He received Shodan from Sensei Fujishima in December 1996, Nidan from Kancho Kanazawa in June 2000, and Sandan from Kancho Kanazawa in June 2003. After leaving Wisconsin in 1997, Dr. Formica moved to Austin, TX where he instructed karate at University of Texas Tanjin Shotokan Karate Club and at Austin Shotokan Karate. Austin Shotokan Karate became a SKIF affiliate in April 2001. Moving to The Woodlands, TX in July 2005, Dr. Formica joined The Woodlands Shotokan Karate.